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St Andrews Church Dalton le Dale

  1. History

St Andrew’s Church, Dalton le Dale is a possession of Durham Cathedral Priory in the 12th century, it’s survived the reformation and two world wars but in recent times the church had fallen into disrepair and was so cold it became unsuitable for services.

  1. Why ?

ODIN Services were approached by the church committee as they wanted to upgrade their existing oil-fired heating system and replace it with a modern gas fired condensing boiler along with convector type radiators to suit the needs of the church and to be able to hold services again as well as other community gatherings in the future.

  1. What did we do?

Installed within the church nave, chancel and gallery was steel screwed pipework and panel radiators, this fitting with the church aesthetics. Within the cellar a new gas fired condensing boiler was installed. A remote control panel which mirrored that of the hard wired controls of the boiler was installed within the chancel meaning optimum control of the heating system without having to access the location of the boiler in the cellar. When upgrading the existing system important factors included cost effectiveness, efficiency and running costs. All of these factors were achieved from the recommended system. The final finish to the works was to have the heat emitters and pipework painted / powder coated in a Saturn finish, again to match the existing décor of the church.